FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. However, each auction is setup by the seller and he selects the terms of the auction.

You can review all the Payment Options for each individual auction listing by selecting the Payments & Returns. (see picture below)

All site fees, can be paid via mail in check, online bank transfer or through PayPal which excepts credit card transactions. There is a small service fee that PayPal charges for handling the payments which is based on the fee amount.

(see "Selecting the Payment Terms" under the Setting Up Auctions section)
The difference between the product listing and an auction is the buyer can immediately purchase the item and not have to wait until the auction ends.

The latest website upgrade enables the user to immediately pay for the item (similar to online store purchases) via PayPay or Bank Check Transfer.

If the Product Listing is setup with an inventory count, the user can choose how many items he wishes to purchase. Going one step further, if the auto-relist feature is enabled, the item will relist after the current purchase has been completed.

Setting Up Your Auctions How To Guide

You can now upload multiple photos at once (up to 12) and then switch the image order around by simply selecting the photo while dragging and dropping it where you want it. (See image illustration below)

Here is a short video showing the new changes to adding a pedigree to an auction.

Here is a short video showing the different payment options.